Strategic Consulting

Zerowait provides our customers with actionable information to help them make their long term storage and network acquisitions. Unlike most hardware manufacturer's salespeople who are focused on their commission from the sale of products, Zerowait's engineering and consulting staff is looking to provide our customers a long term solution based on what is best for you. Our focus is service and support, not the next hardware sale. Therefore, we are always looking toward providing you long term service. As a private company we don't have to satisfy Wall Street this quarter, we are focused on a plan of long term steady growth. If you need a steady reliable long term partner for your high availability infrastructure, make the strategic decision to give us a call today!


Pre-Sales Consulting

Our knowledgeable sales and technical staff can assist you during the pre-purchasing process, from initial specification to order preparation. We can help design a solution that is right for you and fits within your budget. Zerowait will train you on how to negotiate with your vendors so you can save substantially on your next purchase. We can help you decide which licenses and upgrades you need, and whether you need to purchase everything that was proposed by your vendor. Knowing what parts are interchangeable between systems and how to leverage your current equipment can save you money.


Application/Quote Review

If you would like help reviewing a proposed storage purchase, our engineers can provide third party guidance on the most cost effective solution. We can assist from helping to determine requirements through reviewing quotes to ensure that only those components necessary to provide the optimum solution are specified. As support specialists, our goal is your long term satisfaction, not this month's sales quota.


Affordable Upgrades

Many Zerowait customers experience improved ROI on their NetApp investments by extending the lives of their legacy and "End of Life" systems with our affordable capacity or performance upgrades. From upgrading drive capacities to replacing head units, we can help you get the most from your existing systems and your budget.


Custom Configurations

With our in-depth knowledge of NetApp hardware and the flexibility to specify from a wide range of systems, we can work with your requirements to design and implement a custom configuration that satisfies both your technical and financial management.