Asset Recovery

Asset recovery and secure reverse logistics can be a nightmare for companies that have a lot of data storage equipment with proprietary customer information. Zerowait understands the reality that any company which owns or leases IT storage equipment has to plan for storage asset recovery and the cleansing of the data or the destruction of the hard disks.

Everyone hates to manage returns. It is a laborious, time-consuming job. So why not outsource it to the experts in the field? By using our services you may join our other customers who have turned our re-marketing expertise into a competitive advantage and profit center for their companies.

You or your customers may want a simple, reliable way of returning off-lease and decommissioned enterprise storage equipment. With Zerowait on your team, you can eliminate the wasted time, run-around and confusion of returning equipment. Zerowait makes customers happy, our reverse logistics services saves money and time, and it is one less hassle for everyone.

Zerowait streamlines and simplifies the whole process. We provide you with updates from each stage of the process and give you options to control your costs at every stage. Our easily configurable processes allow you to custom configure the process.