Testimonials & Case Studies

“I get more done in a single email to you guys, than I do with NetApp in the course of an entire week!”

- V.S. (New York, NY)

"I just wanted to let you know how great I think Zerowait's support really is. I realize that one failed drive isn't that big of a deal. What impresses me the most is that all problems, big or small, get the same level of support. Here is the sequence of events that makes me think so:
--At 12:39 AM a disk failed on our primary filer.
--At 12:40 AM I got the ZHA Exception Report that the disk had failed
--At 8:02 AM I got an email notification from Zerowait Engineering that a Ticket had been created and a detailed explanation of the problem
--At 8:10 AM I got an email from Production & Inventory Control telling me that the RMA was entered in the system AND that I would be notified when the replacement drive actually shipped.

The bottom line is this: When the drive went bad, all the right things happened. So when I arrived at my office at 8:00 AM, before I even had time to read the notification from AutoSupport, the resolution was already in motion.

Day in, day out, like clockwork. This is what great support looks like."

- M. T. (Oklahoma)

"Thank you for your excellent service over the past several years without it we would have unplugged the machine years ago."

- Daniel Feenberg (Cambridge, MA)

-SNN6 Case Study Video (Sarasota, Florida)

Now that's what I call Zerowait!

- M.S. (Denver, CO)

Everything is great, Boss loves the shirt and jelly beans. How can a biz be as cool as you?

- S.R. (Lincoln, NE)

Mike Linett's crew has been designing high availability networked storage solutions since before anyone knew what NAS or SAN were. He continues to deliver cutting edge HA solutions to his customers, garnering a reputation among the Fortune 200 companies that the big integration houses would give their eye-teeth for.

- J. Toigo

Again, I am very satisfied with Zerowait, and your commitment has further strengthened my belief that we are uilding a solid relationship.

- N.B. (Englewood, CO)

Recently our company transitioned a couple of NetApp filers over to Zerowait support. Right out of the chute one of the filers had two hard drives fail. Our challenge was the lack of product knowledge locally from our hardware technician whom had no training in troubleshooting and repairing any NetApp devices. We had an unusual arrangement where our Sys Admin support was here in our HQ location (Irving, TX) and the hardware support for our customer was in the customer's location up north. We immediately tapped into Zerowait's Engineering support to assist with problem determination and remote support. Your engineers accepted the challenge and went to work communicating commands for troubleshooting and step by step processes to remedy our customer's situation. Through their extensive knowledge and experience; they were able to guide us through this difficult situation and stayed engaged all the way through to full restoration while managing unforeseen surprises along the way. This experience gave me the comfort in knowing that moving to Zerowait was the right decision. I am confident that no matter what the problem or challenge as it relates to NetApp, Inc. support; Zerowait is equipped to handle the situation. Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to your engineers for a job well done. I appreciate their competence and professionalism.

- M.M. (Dallas, TX)

Your team provided excellent service from the very first encounter, right through to delivery. Please thank everyone for their assistance.

- E.B. (Victoria, Canada)

THANKS, you made things easy!

- R.D. (Sunnyvale, CA)

The R200 shelves you sold us are working well, thank you for the great service. That additional space will allow us to retire two R100 Filers.

- S.M. (Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you for the quick turnaround on the FAS270 module quote. Your pricing was very good!!

- M.B. (Norwood, MA)

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